What is a Site Plan?

A site plan shows the location of all structures on the property (existing and proposed). To obtain a fee estimate, a Site Plan can be prepared by you with some basic information.  As a guide, the following details would usually be shown on a site plan:

  • Location of the proposed structure

  • Setbacks from boundaries – these distances should always be to the outermost projection of the structure

  • Any existing building should be clearly marked

  • Location of the road and street name

  • Location and dimensions of any easements, if known

  • Total floor area of proposed structure, if known

  • Site coverage (total area of all structures on the property), if known

  • Positions of retaining walls

  • Driveway location

  • Location of swimming pool fences, gates and filtration equipment including pipelines ( where applicable)

  • Location of sewerage lines/manholes/connection points, septic tanks trenches disposal areas, if known.

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