Approval for Existing Building Work

Private Building Certifier


Have you received an enforcement notice from your Council or are you selling your property and need approval & building certification for existing and already built structures?



We can provide you with solutions for buildings and structures that have been constructed without a building approval.

Our 6 step approach streamlining the process for you.

STEP 1: Telephone our office during office hours or you email us with your enquiry and where possible, attach a site plan and/or other building work documents, using the “Request a Fee Estimate” form.

Provide brief details of the structures or building work requiring approval and the property address.

STEP 2: We will contact you to arrange a suitable time for an onsite consultation (if necessary) for the purposes of inspecting the structure/s or existing building work for compliance matters in accordance with all the relevant Codes and Legislation. Fees apply.

A report of building works requiring rectification or upgrading together with any additional Council approvals (eg. design & siting) is prepared and forwarded to you with our building approval fees proposal.

STEP 3: You notify us by email or telephone of acceptance of our fees proposal and we will issue a Tax Invoice for payment.   Attend to payment of tax invoice and sign the Engagement Agreement and you are on your way to making application for a building approval.

We will issue an information request checklist to you specific to the existing building work if not already provided in our earlier report.   You gather all information required and provide to DG Certifiers Pty Ltd.

STEP 4: Upon receipt of all information requested and where applicable, the receipt of additional Council approvals and searches (eg. design & siting; build over sewer etc), DG Certifiers Pty Ltd will complete a full assessment of work and issue a Building Approval.

Approval documents are archived with Council and provided to you.

STEP 5: You complete all rectification work where required (if applicable), & book a final inspection with DG Certifiers Pty Ltd to attend onsite and conduct a final inspection.

Minimum 24 hour notice for booking inspection required.

STEP 6: A Final Certificate is issued and archived with Council and a copy is provided to you.